From Brompton BIKEfit (BBF) series. A lighter and easier telescopic seatpost to fine tune your riding preference.

Listing includes Seatpost Pillar (silver or black), QR seatpost clamp and 27.2mm seatpost (black) with integrated fully adjustable saddle clamp.




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  • 140g less than stock (telescopic seatpost + pentaclip)

  • Will take standard 27.2mm seatpost of your choice. A bit longer than stock under safe limit (see picture).

  • Integrated Saddle Clamp (spring retention design) much easier to adjust riding position. With only one Allen key, you can change saddle in seconds (no more missing parts and fiddling with pentaclip)

  • Markings on seatpost to give instant and correct measurement.

Specification :

Feature & Benefit
Standing at 1.83-meter height, Joe understood that one size does not fit all. Joe always thought that he was unique, so was everyone else. With that in mind, Joe designed the Telescopic Seatpost Pillar for those who feels that the factory version is too long. Widely recognized as the evangelist of fitting, “I dreamed that everyone rides bikes suitable to their bodies, not get hurt, ride efficiently and enjoy riding”, says Joe.

Bill of Material
Seatpost x 1
Seatpost extension x 1 (Black or Silver)
Seatpost extension Insert x 1
Seatpost extension QR x 1

Seatpost: Ø 27.2 mm, L 400 mm, 7 x 7 saddle
Seatpost extension: Ø 31.8 mm, L 440 mm (black or silver)
Seatpost extension QR: Ø 31.8 mm



About Joseph Kuosac

Whether you are riding to the corner store or across the country,you should be comfortable on your bike.
If you have back,neck,knee pain,saddle sores, or hand and foot numbness, your bike probably doesn't fit
you properly.
A bike should fit you.It should accommodate your body,your interests and style as a rider.
Your equipment should never "work against you" or "make you work harder".

To help people experience the joy and wonder of cycling, we want to make sure no one stops riding a bicycle due to pain or discomfort.

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