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Easier and smoother to push, remains same size after folded.

Quick and easy to collapse the extender when unfold.


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a. Original easywheels too small, the rear suspension block always rubs the floor?

b. Handlebar too close to the ground, handlebar grip damaged because scratching ground?

c. After folded, center of mass will fall outside the easywheels, brommie tends to lean on the right side.


Weight: 75g
Material: Aluminum alloy
Support original Easy wheels or thin metal wheels (any that is compatible with stock), but not compatible with Multi-S inward offset easy wheels


  1. This New version can fit any frame width on the original two ends that attach ezwheels, as long as the ends not bent or broken.
  2. Do not load weight over 30kg (or anybody) when extended, this will cause deformation or breakage of axis (For frame protection. X-Roller will bend first before Brompton frame ends break.)
  3. Do not drop your bike whe wheel set extended, this will cause deformation or breakage of axis
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