PERE (saddle not included)

Support for approved kid’s seat


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–    For kids from 2 1/2 to 5-6 years old.
–    Compatible with Brompton models from year 2004 onwards.
–    Compatible with all handlebar models.
–    Weight: 800g.
–    Does not affect the bike normal use. When the bike is folded the edge protrudes about three centimetres from the left hand side.


–    Set the support’s inferior side to the main frame and fix the superior bracket to the seat tube.
–    Insert an approved Kid’s seat.

Folding the bike:

–    Fold the rear wheel. Loose Pere’s superior bracket, slide it to the top of the seat tube turning slightly to the left and fix it again.
–    Follow the normal folding procedure as usual.
–    It is ready to transport.

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