MONKII CLIP + CAGE para Brompton

Monkii Cage (water bottel holder) + Monkii Clip (adaptor)

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The monkii cage is a detachable bottle cage for any water bottle or containers shape and size.

It quickly attaches or detaches to your bicycle.

To transfer the Monkii cage to other bicycles just buy extra cleats or a Monkii clip.

The Monkii wedge frame bags and Monkii cages can both fit the same Monkii cleats and Monkii clip.

For Brompton, Dahon and Tern owners can carry a monkii bottle cage on your handlebar stem with the purchase of an additional monkii clip.

Weight: 36g

The monkii clip allows you fix your Monkii cage and Monkii wedge to any 25mm – 38mm tube, handlebar stem or forks. Perfect for touring bikes, mountain bikes, fixed wheel, Bromptons, Dahon’s and Terns. It does not interfere when folding the bike.

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